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TheFull Swing Golf Logo have earned himself a professional recognition through a number of years, that it is not only limited to the US, but is also present in Europe and became an indispensable tool for the Pro-golf academies and golf teaching centers around the world, as well as facilities managed professional golfplayers and monitored by PGA.

The indoor and outdoor golf today has become an inseparable pair, and they complement each other in quality on the long and bumpy road to development and promotion of the golf sport.

Thanks to the passion and the sustained support of the golfers, Full Swing Golf could celebrate its 20th birthday in 2007. Standing the waves of time and the quality trials of the golfers has resulted in the fact that we can boast with more than 4000 installation scenes and this puts us in a world market leader position.

The Full Swing Golf in the last 22 years, has helped and will continue to support the growth of the golf society. The golf associations and the PGA, at places even the indoor golf associates work in close and continuous cooperation with the local representative of Full Swing Golf at championships, national competitions and other professional golf events.

In Europe, the installation of the Full Swing Golf simulators still spread like forest fires, mainly those nations and countries show the biggest interest whose outdoor golf season is shortened by their geographical location.

In Hungary and the surrounding Eastern European countries with lots of luck we can get six to seven months of outdoor play, so in this case, the golf simulator complements it just fine, and makes it the one and only way to play, keep up your physical condition and improve your golf game all year round.





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