The Golf simulator
Golf Simulator

All elements of the ball flight are tracked by the built-in infrared systems, including flight angle, ball speed and spin. This is then instantly displayed on the hitting/projection screen. The moment the golf ball strikes the screen, a computer-generated image of the ball takes over, flying up the fairway ready for the next shot. The software tells the user where their ball is, what distance they have to the green, where they are aiming, and what the wind conditions are.


Looking at the technical background, we can have access to any information on a driven off ball’s flight, thanks to the unique ‘ball flight detector’ built-in infrared and the cutting edge computer system. After striking the ball, it flies through the infrared gates and impacts into the picture, projected screen, and from here the simulator takes action in an instant until the ball stops.

After this is the evaluation, this contains the most accurate and most important informations and among all, this property puts Full Swing Golf Simulators into the highest and inimitable position. Apart from the table system, which contains the speed, launch angle, height and length of the trajectory, maybe even wind, it also gives a bird’s eye and a cross-sectional view on the screen, which can be useful when trying to analyse a shot or when learning or improving a shooting technique. It also gives details on the course itself making the shot accurate with details on the terrain, also lets you see from different angles and with a wizard helping with the optimal shooting distance and angle.


The program of the Golf simulator provides a huge variety of possibilities to players, beginners and of course pro-golfers as well. Extremely picturesque and spectacular way, with audio-visual effects (every living factor can be found in the program, from the rocking flagpole through the singing of the birds to the reflection in the water, each shot is very accurate and lifelike, the balls bounce off trees, plash into the water, spin in grass and knock on the flagpole).



Full Swing Golf Simulators