Consultancy, design and construction of indoorgolf centers
Noramtech Bt. also undertakes constructions of complete indoor Golf facilities and Golf centres, from planning and making 3D models to building it. Strongly supports and gives expert advice to independently constructed indoor golf facilities during the investment project, upon request. On domestic level, the proliferation of indoor golf simulators assures great opportunities in other businesses as well, for example: sports and leisure centres, hotels, malls, conference centres, existing golf centres, etc…

Looking from the investment point of view, comparing the same scale, but different type of project with indoor golf simulators in a golf centre, its financial return duration could at least be half the time. The popular conquest of golfsport in our country is in a fortunate situation, where it is still possible to create golf centres with indoor and outdoor courses.

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Forming indoor golf courses and managing golf simulators is a great business from many point of views, such as:

- Can be played throughout the year, regardless of the weather
- Not necessary to purchase golf equipment
- Provides the closest outdoor golf experience as possible and gives a taste of the game of golf
- The equipment can both be used for sport and entertainment without the so called Golf exam and qualification
- Insures continuous and high-quality training for the pro and amateur golf
- Apart from the possible consumption, the player, players also pay a renting fee for the machine for the duration of the game
- Regardless of sex and age, even the disabled people can play this sport
- Installation doesn’t require special technical conditions, only requires space
- The managing and operating costs, also preventive maintenance is not significant.



Full Swing Golf Simulators