Graphics package

The Graphics package

Full Swing Golf's award-winning Microsoft Links software provides a stunning representation of over 50 championship courses. The software provides amazingly realistic graphics, new golf courses, spectacular dynamic cameras, 3D green analysis, 3D audio, interactive practice grounds, on-screen advertising and the ability to compete on-line against thousands of other Full Swing Golf players worldwide. The combination of excellent graphics and the tracking system grants a detailed and realistic game, the real golf experience.

Championship Golf courses

It offers more the 50 championship courses to choose from, from every part of the world, such as Pebble Beach, Oakland Hills and The Old Course in St. Andrews.

Further Business opportunities

The manager (owner) of the simulator can increase the revenue, generated by Full Swing Golf, by advertising through the software. Advertisements can be placed out between the holes, after the shots and even on the practising grounds. The ads are 32-bit size, or even may be translucent.

Detailed Golfing Environments

The top courses from around the world are brought to life with immaculate fairways, crosscut greens, 3D trees, galleries of golf fans, water hazards and even wildlife! The courses themselves feature options to control factors such as green speeds, wind speed and direction, pin positions and weather conditions.


Each Full Swing system is equipped with proprietary Closest to the Pin and Long Drive software. These features can be set up and used individually, or incorporated into a round of golf being hosted on the simulator. They come complete with leaderboards to add to the excitement. The simulator features 18 different modes of play including skins, alternate shot, Ryder Cup formats and many others.

Shot Control

Real-time ball flight data is used to give you complete control over each and every shot. Speed, launch angle, direction and course conditions are all factored in. The top-view caddie gives you all the information you need including distance to the pin, lay-up yardages, elevation changes, target direction and the wind’s direction and speed.

Interactive Practice Facility

We have designed and built an entire practice area dedicated solely to improving your game. It features downhill, uphill, bump, lob, over trouble and many others. The new, visual feedback system precisely pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses.



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